Episode 126 Art and Crisis w/ Sam Lefebvre and Lor

Art and Labor
Episode 126 Art and Crisis w/ Sam Lefebvre and Lor

Beautiful Bay Area babes Sam Lefebvre and Lor came to town and we had us a glorious struggle session about, what else, the precarious and confusing class positioning of artists. Plus, what should artworkers and activists demand wrt public control of museum endowments and governance? Also, rent boards are HR for land antagonisms for real!!! We even debate post-capitalist horizons and if it’s possible to dissolve the secondary markets. Did I mention Lor is assisting cyborg feminist hero Lynn Hershman Leeson?? If you like the podcast and want more, please consider supporting us: https://www.patreon.com/artandlabor. Follow us on twitter and instagram. You can contact Art & Labor atartandlaborpodcast@gmail.com. Please reach out to join the discord for Lucia school “Constructing the Real” Also! Write us a review on Apple podcasts or whatever other platforms!!

Sam is graciously giving our listeners the pdf for free: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1czJt4f4NZ81o1HQpuPT2w5FCV8wNoqoq/view

but if you want you can support Sam’s great work, buy a pdf: https://www.proartscommons.org/store/terrain-art-and-crisis-by-sam-lefebvre

check out the show Lor assisted on at New Museum: https://www.newmuseum.org/exhibitions/view/lynn-hershman-leeson-twisted

“treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noel_Ignatiev