Episode 129 – Useless Supermajority? w/ Joey De Jesus

Art and Labor
Episode 129 – Useless Supermajority? w/ Joey De Jesus

Hey there Baysiders and Ridgewooders, Art and Labor here, your one and only source for the scandalous lives of brooklyn’s finest backwash. Spotted on the steps of a Glendale bodega, an A&L reuniting with JDJ? There’s nothing O, D, and S love more than a rousing round table on electoralism, but is the DSA really ready to play ball with the big leagues? Democrats aren’t exactly known for playing fair, or rather, playing fair anywhere they’ve already won a power struggle. Eric Adams might have won the throne of Democratic primary candidate for the mayoral race already, but an independent working class has a way of toppling crowns, preferably with guillotines. We’ll just have to see if so called leftists have it in them to reign a little terror. No matter what, though, you know A&L is expropriating all the luscious details.

You know you love me,

xoxo, Art and Labor

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