READING – 9.5 Theses on Art and Class

Art and Labor
READING - 9.5 Theses on Art and Class

Sorry for the delay, I was working the polls from 5AM-10PM yesterday!  Fucking wild! We will discuss it and SPX next week when I escape the hurricane zone. Today we read Ben Davis to you. For more, buy his entire book of the same name.

Boots Riley interview where he mentions Ben Davis:

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Ben Davis at in an Arts in Bushwick panel on art and labor:

SPX’s mutual aid fund for people being sued by an abusive asshole #defendthe11:

Episode 8 – Sorry to Bother You

Art and Labor
Episode 8 - Sorry to Bother You

We saw Sorry to Bother You and it was THE BEST MOVIE and THE ONLY MOVIE! We celebrate Chairman Boots Riley’s new masterpiece. We try to process the race and gender roles depicted in the film, but we’re way more excited to do a working class analysis. We’re now offering bonus materials on our Drip page! Feel free to skip the first 15 minutes of this ep that is just an ad for it. If you like us please consider donating for bonus writing, memes, and art:

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