Episode 18 – Fuck off Paglia

Art and Labor
Episode 18 - Fuck off Paglia

This episode we dive into the criticism surrounding Red Scare and their recent profile in The Cut.  Mostly we discuss the ideology shaped by Camille Paglia, an individualist feminist who aligns herself with the alt-right favorite’s dad Jordan Peterson. We try to appeal for lefty media unity, and find some queer relief from the writings of Mary Beard, Ursula K Le Guin, and admitted normie Peter Frase.

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Episode 3 – Black Emergency Cultural Coalition and Women Artists in Revolution

Art and Labor
Episode 3 - Black Emergency Cultural Coalition and Women Artists in Revolution

Beep beep!! New Art and Labor here! Your favorite podcast focusing on the on-going struggle to survive as an art or cultural worker. Hosted by O.K. Fox and Lucia Love. This episode we fill you in even more social justice activism happening in the late sixties/early seventies. We talk proto Guerrilla Girls, and we trace the legacy of the Black Emergency Cultural Coalition’s pressure on The Met, MoMA, and The Whitney to current protests of The Brooklyn Museum. We despair about the continued lack of representation in these institutions, and ponder the effectiveness of identity-based strategies. We also get into some contextual tangents about Art & Language, The Fox, and Artists Meeting For Cultural Change.

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Much is pulled from the book “Art Gangs: Protest and Counterculture in New York City” by Alan W. Moore published by Autonomedia in 2011 and “Exhibiting Authenticity: The Black Emergency Cultural Coalition’s Protests of the Whitney Museum of American Art, 1968-71” by Caroline V. Wallace published in Art Journal in 2015.

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