BONUS – Lucia on Earthrise: Revolutionary Art Class Session

Art and Labor
BONUS – Lucia on Earthrise: Revolutionary Art Class Session

Greetings Art and Labor listeners! Lucia here with a presentation from the revolutionary art course I’ve been facilitating through Constructing the Real – the school for debt averse anarchists. On this recording, you’ll hear me discuss the Earthrise photo, and how it was used to greenwash the vietnam war, followed by a discussion on ways the ecological movement has been intrinsically tied to neoliberalism. If you like what you hear and are interested in joining us, please check out constructing the real dot com where you can find updates on our current and upcoming courses, and a contact email to join our school community.

Beginning Thursday April 29th at 8pm EST we’ll also be hosting a brand new course on Art Communes run by Hannah Brookman from Looky Here art space in Greenfield Massachusetts. The curriculum will center around reading the book Art and Labor by Eileen Boris, and watching documentaries on a new collective every week. Should be a great crash course for anyone considering ditching capitalism for that sexy utopia that is living with all your friends in a bucky ball. Course enrollment is open now, so I hope to see y’all around for some learning. Let’s have fun

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