143 – Fred Durst, Queer Icon

Art and Labor
143 – Fred Durst, Queer Icon

Strap on your headsets! OK, Lucia and Sarah sit around the ol vr hot tub with you, the faceless facebook mii we serve. This week we wanna tell you the good news! about our RPS fic featuring your favorite fuzzy childhood Nu Metal Queer Icons, the intersection between Bushwick Nationalism and Operation Paperclip, and yes, more Dune and more Musical Theater (we are who we are). Think hard about what you’d like for us to print on your complimentary body pillow, but fyi, we’ll probably decide instead to give you a 240 p rip of Ciara’s Met Gala look.


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Episode 14 – What is the Proper Way to Display a U.S. Flag

Art and Labor
Episode 14 - What is the Proper Way to Display a U.S. Flag


Jingoism! For the inherently racist American imperial project?? Capitalism with a conscious??? We’re NOT having it. We talk destroying and deconstructing the American flag at home and abroad. Please check out the full show notes of this one.

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Russian Rap^
Iranian Parliament^
North Korean 3D Missile Simulation^